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Virtual Reality in Education

Engaging VR and AR educational content for students of all ages

We have everything you need to offer your students the best of virtual and augmented reality technology.

Our mission is to make sure that students of all ages can enjoy the most innovative technology for the educational sector. All you need to do is choose from the thousands of contents that we offer on the SchooVR platform that suits the school curriculum and present them to your students using the OnetouchXR Education Kit.

Pre-School and Infant

Children between 4 and 7 years old are in the first years of education and the main way of learning is through experiences. Virtual Reality makes this experience possible through presentations in immersive 360 environments, which are used to improve knowledge and help create a solid foundation for the coming academic years.

Primary School and Elementary School

A solid base of learning requires a lot of attention to knowledge in different areas throughout the school years. The possibilities that VR and AR technology delivered as a means of complementing teaching are endless. Travel around the world and Science tours through the human body are just some of the areas in which this technology presents itself in an immersive way.

Our goal is to offer to all schools the opportunity to enter the new technological era of educational teaching. Our hardware solutions are purchased through annual lease agreements. In addition to schools, our Kits can also be purchased through extracurricular programs, language courses, and complementary courses in general.

Secondary School

Following the educational phases, students who are in secondary school use VR and AR technology to develop their creative thinking, through programming solutions, videos, and immersive 360 images, which will help to create a solid foundation for the following years.

High School

The biggest challenge for teachers is ensuring that students stay engaged and motivated throughout their school journey. Virtual and Augmented Reality helps students unlock potential by providing new ways to experience learning and this impacts knowledge retention that will carry over into later years.

Higher or Further Education

Hardware and software specialized in certain areas enhance the learning of those who have always been at the forefront of new technologies. Virtual and Augmented Reality has been innovating every day and Universities are benefiting more and more from these changes that are happening at a frenetic pace.

SEND Students

Virtual Reality is so amazing that even children with special needs can enjoy this technology in their learning. Using virtual reality, teachers can create personalized learning environments to meet each student's needs in creative, innovative, and fun ways.

We are ready to offer you our best immersive technology hardware available.